Victoria Tunbridge

I never planned to be a psychologist, but instead chose a degree that interested me that I felt I could study for 3 years; but during this time, I became hooked and knew this was what I wanted to do. My introduction to working with sex offenders developed in a similar vein. It was whilst I was training to be a Forensic Psychologist, that I managed to get a job at the Wolvercote Clinic, and since then I have never looked back.

My interest in working with individuals with personality disorder developed over time, and this is a client group I especially enjoy working with, finding the work to be both challenging and rewarding.

Whilst I do not like what some of the people I work with have done, we are all human and therefore fallible. I admire the tenacity and determination of those who wish to change, despite how difficult a journey this may be, and it is a privilege to go on such a journey with those who accept responsibility for their behaviour, are motivated to change, and who then make the necessary changes.

However, we work in the real world, and some people do not want to change, or their motivation wanes. This is understandable but sad, as change is difficult. At these times hard but necessary decisions have to be made, and I feel it is important people are helped in making informed choices, and have been made aware of the potential consequences, as I see them; however hard this might be to hear.

My areas of interest are the assessment and treatment of personality disorder, sexual offending, violent offending, domestic abuse, and delivering psychological therapies, especially Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT) and Dialectic Behaviour Therapy (DBT).