At Phoenix we are able to make training relevant, up to date, innovative and “practice based”. Changes in legislation and changes in work practice are taken into account. Over time there are always new ideas about working in this field and we aim to keep abreast of changes and incorporate them in all of our work, particularly our training. Depending on your requirements we are able to deliver training at your premises, at a date convenient to you.

Our main topics are listed below, although we are able to adapt and deliver training specific to your needs.

Courses available

  • Introduction to working with sexual abuse.
  • Risk of violence
  • Understanding computers, the internet, paedophilia, related internet crime and  illegal images
  • The arena of safety & the aware culture, how organisations can operate safely
  • Deviant sexual arousal and fantasy
  • Working with people who download illegal images
  • Interviewing sex offenders and effective investigation
  • Creating safe environments for vulnerable adults
  • Family reconstruction
  • Victim to victimiser
  • Managing staff who work in the field of sexual abuse
  • Integrated & holistic intervention for adolescents who have abused
  • Sex offenders & survivors in the Church
  • Working with denial
  • Working with the Non Abusing Partners
  • Sex Offenders: Why bother?

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