Tracy Austin

I grew an interest in working in the field of sexual abuse during my social work placement within the NSPCC. Having worked for the Probation Service for a number of years before training and recognizing that I was to return to that Service after qualification, I wanted to continue to positively affect the lives of children. Therefore after qualification in 1990 within my capacity as a Probation Officer I worked both individually and in groups with men who had sexually offended and was rewarded by the majority of the men’s commitment to treatment and wish to change their lives around and therefore reduce the risk to children. I have also worked with adolescents who have displayed sexualised behaviour and jointly interviewed victims of sexual abuse along the ABE guidelines.

Like my colleagues within Phoenix I have a number of years experience in this field in both assessment and treatment within both the Probation Service and within a multi agency Child Protection Unit ran by Social Services and Health and have a strong commitment to ensuring children have a right to safety, parents have a right to be treated respectfully whether they have offended or not and believe that many people can make positive changes in their lives, without underestimating the risks that some people might present.