Support services

More and more organisations recognise the need to offer external support to their staff who are often working in very difficult and stressful areas. Sometimes organisations use us because they have fears of litigation. Under their duty of care, agencies must offer support and whatever the motive was initially, we have come to see how important and useful such support is.

Initially telephone support is offered, keeping costs to the minimum. This can be a daily service, a daily and evening service, or if necessary a 24-hour service. Some organisations might also want to offer staff the opportunity to have face to face contact with us.


Support services for offenders and alleged offenders

Whilst Local Authorities often do not have a statutory responsibility for such adults, increasingly they have become involved in needing to ask for assessment and in some cases treatment. What happens though when all the professionals have pulled out and people are left on their own? What we can offer is ongoing support, including if necessary setting up a Circle of Support and Accountability.

If the perpetrator/alleged perpetrator is moving into the home and needs direct support, supervision and ongoing relapse prevention monitoring, Phoenix can offer support extending to 24-hour cover. For further details please get in contact.