Steve Lowe

Like many people in this field of work I believe passionately in the protection of children and those that are vulnerable. Having worked in residential settings with ‘wall to wall’ therapy and a strong commitment to change, I also believe that given the right circumstances and the right motivation many people can turn their lives around.

Over a number of years I have been involved in developing and running both Assessment and Treatment Programmes with a view to achieving solutions that keep children and others that are vulnerable safe.

Holding the balance between protecting children and stifling them with rules that are unrealistic and prevent ordinary human interaction is also something that we have to struggle with. In the past we as a society have been guilty of not keeping children safe and there are times more recently when we over react; neither of those positions are helpful to children.

I am comfortable with the notion that we at Phoenix are prepared to stand on this difficult ground and using both experience and access to the latest research aim to make decisions and reach solutions that are always going to be unpopular with someone. That’s the nature of our business.

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