Safe organisations & safe recruitment

Phoenix is committed to help provide protocols to help organisations to be safe-not just for the service user but also safe for staff. Whilst the gate-keeping for individuals who work with children has improved over time, we are aware that loopholes will probably always exist. Policy and procedures do not protect, it’s what people do with them that matters.

It’s in this area that we offer a service, not just in writing the protocols (if necessary) but helping agencies operate them. It’s about establishing institutional memory through appropriate interviewing, induction, training, monitoring, supervision and having clear job specifications with regard to attitudes and behaviour within and without the workplace. Most individuals who breach boundaries, even sexual ones, will not end up with a criminal conviction.

In addition, we have found that offering 24-hour telephone support to organisations has assisted them in operating the protocols (see Stagecoach Theatre Arts PLC).

Based around work on the Aware Culture and the Arena of Safety the insight offered helps agencies realise that gate keeping services such as CRB checks and the ISA will never be enough to keep organisations safe.

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