Professional misconduct

Phoenix also specialises in assessing professional’s who exhibit abusive behaviour and other related misconduct issues. Often cases such as these do not result in criminal convictions but organisations are left with concerns about an individual’s fitness to remain in their role. Such behaviour may well result in disciplinary action, even dismissal. 

We are also aware that in the current climate professionals are often now very wary of working with children for fear that they might be falsely accused of something.

Assessments can be important in helping agencies come to the right decisions. Phoenix has specifically designed professional misconduct models, which lend themselves much more to “breach of boundary” concerns.

In many cases, these breach of boundary issues can be treated and reassurance given. Experience has shown that in some cases there has been no need to be concerned. In the area of sexual abuse, false allegations are sometimes made. Urgent referral and assessment can be undertaken to minimise suspension time and the anxiety it creates. Other concerns may arise between adults, such as sexual harassment, sexual impropriety, bullying, etc. Assessment reports following enquiry can be crucial in expediting a satisfactory outcome.