Our services

At Phoenix we provide the following specialist services:

Independent assessment - adults and adolescents

Phoenix are able to conduct a number of different assessments with regard to situations where there has been, or it has been alleged that there has been, sexual abuse, violence or both. We provide the following reports for Courts and Social Services Departments.

Professional misconduct

Phoenix also specialises in assessing professional’s who exhibit abusive behaviour and other related misconduct issues. Often cases such as these do not result in criminal convictions but organisations are left with concerns about an individual’s fitness to remain in their role. Such behaviour may well result in disciplinary action, even dismissal.


We design all of the work that we undertake with those who have convictions, with those who are alleged to have been abusive and with their partners to fit the needs of the particular individuals, rather than putting people through a set programme, some parts of which may be irrelevant to them.


Phoenix is in a position to undertake psychometrics, either on a stand alone basis or as part of an overall assessment. Whilst the list is not exhaustive the information below can give you some idea as to what can be undertaken.


At Phoenix we are able to make training relevant, up to date, innovative and “practice based”. Changes in legislation and changes in work practice are taken into account. Over time there are always new ideas about working in this field and we aim to keep abreast of changes and incorporate them in all of our work, particularly our training.

Safe organisations & safe recruitment

Phoenix is committed to help provide protocols to help organisations to be safe-not just for the service user but also safe for staff. Whilst the gate-keeping for individuals who work with children has improved over time, we are aware that loopholes will probably always exist. Policy and procedures do not protect, it’s what people do with them that matters.


At Phoenix we can offer a range of consultancies in and around the issue of sexual abuse and violence to professionals. We have provided services to police officers, social workers, probation officers and other specialist workers who often have cases that are proving particularly problematic, or just where they have felt exasperated and in need of an independent view.

Support services

More and more organisations recognise the need to offer external support to their staff who are often working in very difficult and stressful areas. Sometimes organisations use us because they have fears of litigation. Under their duty of care, agencies must offer support and whatever the motive was initially, we have come to see how important and useful such support is.