Jonathan Edwards

For me the transition from working in Addiction Treatment to Child Protection work was not as big a leap as some may think. After many years working with individuals who had reached a stage of hopelessness with immensely destructive behaviour that caused untold harm to themselves and others, I am very familiar with the sense of puzzlement and shame individuals feel when caught up in a self destructive cycle of behaviour with no visible way out.

I am also familiar with working with individuals motivated to change but lacking the knowledge and understanding to achieve it. It is always a privilege to work with such people and our clients are often in this place, it is rewarding to be able to offer options for change.

People sometimes ask how we can work with those who would abuse children, the simple answer is how can we protect children if we don’t? It has been said that the victims story is only half of the picture, it is only when we start listening to the abusers story we get the information we need to deal with the problem.