We design all of the work that we undertake with those who have convictions, with those who are alleged to have been abusive and with their partners to fit the needs of the particular individuals, rather than putting people through a set programme, some parts of which may be irrelevant to them. We will at times recommend intervention work after completing an assessment in situations where there is a potential for the parties involved to manage identified risk or where no previous intervention has been offered.

We have developed programmes of intervention work for those who are denying a conviction or allegation as well as for those who acknowledge abusive behaviour. The interventions that we offer range from the very short to up to 60 hours of work. Often we will work in a brief, focused way over a number of full days, adapting both times and dates to suit the needs of the individuals being offered intervention. A programme of 60 hours might be carried out over 10 consecutive weekdays, working from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., or it could take place over a more extended period. For some, the intensive work is of particular value and it also fits in with the timescales of the courts etc.

Our programmes of work reflect the changes in current research and practice in the field and we at Phoenix are committed to adapting our interventions to those changes in understanding.

All of our intervention work is recorded in a tailor-made workbook, a copy of which is sent to the referring agency with an expectation that it will be copied to the client on receipt. This workbook is then in the client’s possession as reference for the future and can also be used by other professionals working with the person. A final report, including an updated assessment of risk, is included in the workbook.

In some cases the overall costs can be met through Legal Aid if the costs are seen as an extended assessment. More often than not, intervention is considered by the authorities to be a more effective and less expensive option than protracted and often repeated court cases.

Anyone wanting to refer a case for possible intervention should contact Steve Lowe at Phoenix for a preliminary discussion regarding requirements/timescales and costs.