Independent assessment

Phoenix are able to conduct a number of different assessments with regard to situations where there has been, or it has been alleged that there has been, sexual abuse, violence or both. We provide the following reports for Courts and Social Services Departments.

Of adults

  • An Assessment Report on the risk that an individual poses in general or to particular children. Taking into account history, convictions and personal lifestyle.  Increasingly we are working with those who have been arrested on matters relating to Internet use, and the same standards of assessment are used in such cases.
  • An Assessment Report on the ability of the partner of someone who has convictions or allegations of abuse, to protect children in their care.
  • An assessment Report on the extended family members in situations where there is concern about their ability to protect children in their care.
  • An Assessment Report on the whole family, with regard to risk and ability to protect.

Of adolescents

  • An Assessment Report on adolescents, who have been convicted, accused or who are displaying sexually harmful behaviour, or where there are concerns of such.

Assessment includes:

  • Reading of the case files and other relevant material provided.
  • Liaising with lead solicitor and other expert/parties as required
  • Up to 6 hours of interviewing with the client/each client.
  • Analysis of all material received, including taped interview, obtained in the light of the interview(s).
  • The production of a comprehensive written report, with conclusions and recommendations. This will usually include the answering of specific questions posed in the Letter of Instruction.

The assessment would normally take place in the home area at an independent venue by prior arrangement, or alternatively in Surrey.

Due to the length of the interview, the need for facilities and the independent role we undertake, sometimes it is not possible for a room to be made available at either Solicitors or Social Services offices. In such cases we would book a private meeting room in the client’s area. There would be an additional charge for this.