At Phoenix we can offer a range of consultancies in and around the issue of sexual abuse and violence to professionals. We have provided services to police officers, social workers, probation officers and other specialist workers who often have cases that are proving particularly problematic, or just where they have felt exasperated and in need of an independent view. Typically we would work with up to 6 individuals in this way.

Examples of consultations that have taken place

  • Police investigating the downloading of illegal images.
  • Concerns about professionals acting inappropriately.
  • Social Services investigating abuse within children’s homes.
  • Cases involving family reconstruction.
  • Cases about managing sex offenders in the community.
  • Concerns about managing threats being made to social care staff.
  • Support given to workers in complex cases.
  • Advice to ministers of religion, Bishops, etc

Alternatively, we can visit you to discuss any of the above, and any other concerns you might have.

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